Developing a Succession Plan for you and your key leaders is critical for business continuation success.



As Certified Succession Planners with the ISPA® (International Succession Planning Association), we are trained in the use of the Succession Planning Assessment Tool™. This evaluation acts as a valid predictor of how well your business is prepared to deal with anticipated challenges of business succession.

We will increase the value of your business by addressing together these ten interdependent factors that make up the Succession Matrix®:

Matrix - 2pt border5.12


Tall_Gray_Dot_7 Owner Motivation and Perspective

Tall_Gray_Dot_7 Personal Financial Planning

Tall_Gray_Dot_7 Business Structuring

Tall_Gray_Dot_7 Business Performance

Tall_Gray_Dot_7 Strategic Planning

Tall_Gray_Dot_7 Leadership and Management Continuity

Tall_Gray_Dot_7 Successor Preparation

Tall_Gray_Dot_7 Management Synergy and Teamwork

Tall_Gray_Dot_7 Family Dynamics

Tall_Gray_Dot_7 Family Governance

Decide today to develop a succession plan that anticipates both planned and unplanned events, which could trigger your exit from the business. To start the discussion and to schedule an assessment, contact us now.