Do you wish you had confidential help to sharpen your business acumen and/or leadership soft skills?  Consider investing in your own personal development and that of your key leaders to release the potential of your people.  We can help you create a high performance company culture.

In addition, we have various human resource assessment tools that we use to quickly assess your people and provide effective coaching.


Are the people in your business capable and motivated to take your business where you want it to go?  Is your company culture conducive to attracting and retaining the talent you envision?  We can help you assessment tools for employees, teams and company culture with using on-line surveys and in-person interviews”.  Additionally we provide education to interpret these results and training to optimize individual, team and overall company performance.



Is your strategy working?  Are you sure it is the right road map to reach your vision?  Share with us your vision for the company.  We will help you challenge, refine and/or revamp your strategic direction.  We will leverage our previous successes in similar organizations to re-align tactical plans by function (operations, marketing, sales, general and administrative) and to synchronize them with your strategic and financial plans for maximum impact.



Are your processes by function understood, well executed and optimized?  If not, we can assist you with mapping, documenting, and elevating standard processes.  This is not a one-time effort; you will want your people to continue this work on their own.  We provide education and coaching to help them succeed with continuous improvement efforts.




Whether your company is a start-up, mature company, in a cycle of growth or on the decline, we can help you optimize growth on both top and bottom lines.  We provide financial modeling for expected returns on growth initiatives, project management of product development, expansion and/or merger and acquisitions, and we can advise you on sales and distribution strategies.  Ask us about our simple tools to monitor and forecast cash flow!