Integration of Merger & Acquisition – Project Leader

Merger_IowaIf you need an experienced project leader for the integration of a merger & acquisition you are considering, Scott has overseen 40+ company ownership changes.  Some he has managed remotely and for others he personally spent two to three months on-site leading the transition.  Scott has the temperament, leadership, project management, financial perspective and general management experience to make your M&A transition smooth and aligned with your company culture.

Additionally, he has overseen the deal-making process including company valuations, due diligence and negotiations of final purchase & sale agreements and can assist with this in the beginning of the M&A process.  In fact, both the deal making and the proper integration of an M&A must happen concurrently.

Startups and Business Turnarounds

All too often businesses fail to pay creditors, service their debt and/or provide the return that investors expect.  Scott has provided general manager leadership, while leveraging his financial perspective, to turn businesses around and/or restart them under new legal entities.

If your business is on the decline, it doesn’t have to stay that way.  Let us help you turnaround your business and set it on course for optimal performance.

Resolving Conflict

At times there is a need for a third party to bring a deal together or to resolve a dispute.  Over the past decade Scott has facilitated deal solutions between manufacturer, distributor, buyer candidate and creditors.  Our approach is to leverage good communication (through active listening when it matters most), financial perspective, integrity and caring about the interest of others to achieve win-win solutions.  We are committed to Christian Conciliation (Peace Makers Ministry) in resolving disputes.