Whether your business is in start-up, high growth, maturity or decline, cash flow is its lifeblood. To make executive level decisions, you need insights from the financial perspective.

  • You likely know your margins, but do you also know your cash flow cycle?
  • Can you forecast the upcoming cash needs of your business?
  • Do you need help generating cash flow improvement quick wins?

Scott Bailey In The Black Ink Financial Coaching

If you lack the CFO advice you need and cannot afford to hire one full-time, consider retaining Scott as your on-call “Cash Flow Officer.” Yes, we renamed CFO from “Chief Financial Officer” to “Cash Flow Officer” since cash flow IS the lifeblood of your organization!


Our passion is making the financial perspective clear and simple so you can achieve your dreams for the business. We succeed, behind the scene, by helping you generate the cash flow resources needed to grow your business profitably.


Scott’s experiences during 30 years of successful financial management within small distribution & service companies (10 to 150 employees), medium to large manufacturers and even startup R&D labs have prepared him with a broad and deep skill set to draw upon when advising your company.


Our CFO services include becoming your on-call “Cash Flow Officer” on retainer. That is, Scott will perform the role of CFO with an emphasis on improving future cash flow and a passion to make the financial perspective clear and simple for you.

CFO Services

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Financial Modeling
Assessment Tools
Performance Measurement
Succession Plan 
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