We offer a broad line of strategic and tactical consulting services to create and maintain a high performance company culture.  With a combined 75 years of successful business experience, we are well prepared to advise start-ups, business turn-arounds and mature operations.  We understand that the critical components of a sustainable culture are getting the right employees (people), doing the right things (plans), the right way (process), the right number of times (profits).*”

Many privately owned businesses like yours have benefited from our CFO, Coaching, Succession Plan and Exit Strategy services.


CFO Services

 If you lack the CFO advice you need and cannot afford to hire one full-time, consider retaining Scott as your on-call “Cash Flow Officer.”  Yes, we renamed CFO from “Chief Financial Officer” to “Cash Flow Officer” since cash flow IS the lifeblood of your organization!Learn More


Do you wish you had confidential help to sharpen your business acumen and/or leadership soft skills?  Consider investing in your own personal development and that of your key leaders to release the potential of your people.  We can help you create a high performance company culture.Learn

Succession Plan

Developing a Succession Plan for you and your key leaders is critical for business continuation success.  As Certified Succession Planners with the ISPA® (International Succession Planning Association), we are trained in the use of the Succession Planning Assessment Tool™.  We will help you better address both family and business governance.Learn More

Exit Strategy

Do you have an exit strategy in place to achieve your financial independence apart from the business?  Are you doing what is necessary to maximize the value of your business when you are ready to sell?  What will it take for you to be willing to let go of running the business?  Call us today to begin planning your exit strategy.  Learn More


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*Reprinted with permission from EDGE Cultural ArchitectsSM www.workwithedge.com, by Dan Schneider, 2013